I love to engage with projects that works on shaping a better world.

I’m a senior brand designer graduated from Universidad de Buenos Aires where I've teached for a few years. After working a long time for big brands, I had the luck to connect my profession to my values by starting working on projects that have a conscious core.

Love to get involved in new ideas that aim to solve global, communitary and love based needs on a critic geographic and environmental agenda. I spent The last 4 years creating fresh brands for vegan organizations to help on the hard task to communicate empathy. Looking for the proper communication strategy through the different channels that our multi-platform global village has today.

I’ve found a very rich experience working in an international workspace trying to represent a complex identity in an inclusive way in many different countries and cultures. I’m always open to new challenges helping dare brands to portrait their ideas through a deep conceptual process to achieve the best graphic identity and communication.